Stress is inevitable in our life. However, if we can know things that create stress in our mind, it will be easier for us to avoid them There are five most common causes of stress: death, divorce, sickness, debt, and relocating.

Source of stress one by one

The grieving process

edcwfrtThe grieving process can be a very stressful time for the family and friends who have suffered the loss. Between making funeral arrangements, dealing with life insurance companies, and everything that is associated with it, it is sometimes very easy to forget the most important thing. We have to bid farewell.


Another very common stress producer is divorce. Family, friends and even young ones often pick up on the stresses when the husband and wife feel like their world is falling apart, often no one knows how to handle the situation.

Workplace problems

Work and the workplace problems are the biggest contributors to our stress. This is almost to be expected since we spend one-third of a day at work. Our job demands an individual performance and results from us, with a limitation of resources. We are expected to compress maximum outputs within minimal resources. This demand is making the stretching effect on us, which causes stress.

Lack of enough money

Money is necessary for or life since nothing is for free. But here are two problems. The first difficulty sets in the fact that our income is always limited, while our imagination of spending money is unlimited. The second issue is that more we earn the more we spend, but when we start to earn less, the spending habits stays. Indeed, it ‘s hard to cope with all temptation from marketing messages that we receive

Family obligations

dscgThe family is a frequent cause of stress. Having a family is the obligation that can occupy us beyond our capacity, which is causing stress. Things get worse when the family problem is multiplied with money or work problem. You can be under stress due to the influence of some family member to you. But even if family members do not influence you directly, you are still influenced. If some family member has some major problem, you have it too, to a certain extent.

The causes of too much pressure are many and sometimes it can seem like you may not be able to handle them. Nevertheless, there is one common thread. In each circumstance, you must have a supportive group of family and friends. The offer of rides, food, and blessings will be a godsend. This makes it possible for the hardest of times to feel only half as bad as before. As well as making the good times appear even better than before